23 June, 2011

Live for you.

They asked her why she was like that. Why she was different, why she insisted on being a "freak." In reply, she could only smile, fiddle with her fiery hair, and say, "I'm not really different. I'm just real. I'm just who I am. I don't dress for you, I don't smile for you, laugh for you, breathe for you. Everything I do is for me. So maybe I am different, because it seems you live for everyone else. Learn to live for you."

22 June, 2011


She finally felt free. She was scared out of her mind. Her whole life was actually in her own hands for once. Everything she wanted to happen, she had to make happen. No one to rely on. Fly or fall, it was all of her own doing. It was scary, but she was finally free.

21 June, 2011


There's no real way to describe it. Nothing really seems to match and yet nothing is out of place. Beautifully miss-matched. It's kind of her outward showing of her inner mind and life. Everything is so strange and different. Everything is just perfectly out of place. Something's strange, very strange, but everything's just right.

20 June, 2011

Bad Girls Don't Die : A Book Review

"Preps are like cheerleaders, only with less jumping."
       -Katie Alender

"In case you haven't noticed, my whole existence is one big flaw."
       -Katie Alender

All I have to say about this book is Oh. My. God! This book is absolutely fabulous! I read it in about 24 hours. I absolutely could not put it down. Mrs. Alender has such an excellent way of writing. It's easy to follow but still manages to draw you in. It had me jumping at every little noise and nearly screaming to warn or help the characters.

Alexis isn't popular, in fact, she's kind of anti-popular. Every one at school is either afraid of her or constantly, but secretly, mocking her. At home Alexis's parents are a bit preoccupied with anything but their daughters. That just leaves Kasey, Alexis's baby sister who is so timid, shy, and unique. Kasey collects dolls. Did I collects? More like she hoards them. That's all fine and dandy until timid little Kasey starts becoming a more secretive, angry girl. Then things start happening in their old house. Doors close by themselves, water boils on burners that have yet to be turned on, cold air blows from an air conditioner that's turned off leaving the house in near arctic temperatures. That's just the beginning. Alexis starts to notice Kasey is changing too, more than just secretive and angry (which can be attributed to early teens). Kasey's eyes, usually a beautiful blue, sometimes are a deep green. Kasey also starts using strange, old-fashioned language. Something is definitely wrong and Alexis (with the helps of an unlikely friend) is the only one who can save her sister, but is the bond of sisters stronger than whatever has the house?

I recommend this book to everyone! Well, everyone who enjoys paranormal fiction, ghosts, creepy doll collections, etc. I absolutely can't wait to get the next in the series, From Bad to Cursed. With the amazingness of this book, the sequel can only be brilliant as well. This is definitely a 5/5!


She was always so elegant. Always so prim. So prissy. So happy. She knew exactly what to say and exactly what I needed. She'd leave me alone and hold me close at the same time. No one could ever make things better the way she did. She was always beautiful and kind. She was always so many things, but she was never truly mine.

19 June, 2011

My bookshelf expands.

Well, I'm off to tumblr for a bit and then to read!!

I went out today and bought two new books! I was so excited. Now I've too many to read though!! My next few books to read are:

*Which I'm starting tonight!!!

Just a glimpse into my near future! (The first two are the ones I bought today) I'm also still reading Eat, Pray, Love. I only really read it when I need inspiration or a smile.

I'm also well on my way into moving into my mothers house. Most of my things are down here, but certainly not unpacked. I've spent from about 4:30 or 5 this afternoon until now (9:44pm) unpacking and cleaning and dusting and placing and organizing and boxing. I'm rather happy with the progress. I'll have pictures up soon. I'll hopefully have my laptop fixed next week but I won't be back on it (aka have free time AND internet at the same time) most likely until the 4th or 5th (maybe as late as the 8th or 9th) of next month. Once I have my computer back I'll be able to get back to my dirt and grime post and book reviews and all that fun stuff.

Well, now I'm off to tumblr then to read!!

18 June, 2011

Princess Academy : A Book Review

"No wolf falters before the bite
So strike."
       --Shannon Hale

"Look no farther than your hand
Make a choice and take a stand."
       --Shannon Hale

This is a sweet book about a young girl faced with a new environment bent on changing her. It's a good book, but not really exciting. There are a few scenes when you worry for the girls' safety, but mostly it's about the girls at school. I personally was able to put it down and walk away no problem. I certainly didn't  want to abandon it, but I wasn't dying to see how it would end either.

Miri is a young girl who doesn't feel she quite fits in her mountain village home. Down in the Lowlands is a prince ready to marry, and the Priests will declare where she is to come from. The entire kingdom, and the province itself, we're surprised to hear Mount Eskel would produce the next princess. With this announcement, an academy is set up, per the King's orders, and all girls age 8-16 are forced to attend. Learning to read, write, curtsy, and survive. When trouble comes to Mount Eskel's academy, only Miri, the outcast, can save them all.

Shannon Hale has won a Newbery Honor award for this novel. It's a good relaxed reading. I suggest it if you like strange but not overly active or exciting novel. I think it's a good summer read for under a tree.