15 May, 2011

Blue Moon : A Book Review *Spoilers into first book!*

The heart and mind aren’t always friendly. – Alyson noel
“The weird thing about saying good-bye is that it never gets easier.” – Alyson Noel

In this one Alyson does a good job continuing the story of Ever's trip into the world of immortality. I absolutely loved the first book (Evermore), this one was a bit of a let down simply beacause I didn't personally like this story AS MUCH, but I still enjoyed it.

After meeting Damen and killing Drina everything in the eternal love story of Ever will be easy, right? Not at all. Enter Roman, a clever, cute, and charming immortal. Everyone instantly love him, Stacey and the in-crowed, Haven and the outcasts, teachers, and even Damen. Ever is all alone on the outside watching on with suspion as everyone she knows and loves buddys up with those she knows and hates. A story of betrayal and heartbreak. Now she has to fix everything, if there's even anything to fix. Her whole life is falling apart, how will it end? Or is all this just the beginning of a new story?

As for a continuing story, the end leaves you eager for the next and dieing to know what happens. Noel is a great YA author and I suggest this book to anyone.

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