22 May, 2011

Dirt and Gime : 3

Good heavens it has been a while and I am dreadfully sorry. I've found that not having internet has put a damper on my blogging. After graduation I should be about to blog more, but who knows. Fingers crossed, let's hope!

Prom was May 30th! It was fun... kind of. I think that the whole concept is over rated, but that's just my opinion. I loved getting dressed up and seeing Hunter in his tux. <3 We went out to eat at my favorite resteraunt, went to the prom for about 30min., then went back to his house. We danced around it living room; it was so romantic. :) I, of course, have a ton more pictures and you can find them HERE.

Schools out!!! My last day of school was May 13th! I really expected to be sad about graduating and leaving, but I really wasn't. I'm just so excited to start college, but I certainly don't want to rush through the summer either. The above picture is one of my bestie in Western Civ. first semester. I love her so <3

Moving is underway! I've been packing up all my room in Arkansas to bring it to storage at my Mom's house in Louisiana. These are only the first few boxes. I'm so scared to pack anything in case I need it between now and July or August! But it is exciting anyway!
I'm also dreadfully behind on my book reviews, but I certainly haven't stopped reading! Be prepared to be bombarded with book reviews! I'm not going to back date them to when I finished them, but I may back date them to space them out a bit as to not flood dashboards. You can find links to all of them in the NEW left-sidebar! I'll have the links up by the end of today. Just click the book you wanna see a review of. <3

My next Dirt and Grime will have a surprise!!! Look out world!! <3

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