28 April, 2011

1 year.

She doesn't really know how it happened, how they fell in love. It started so long ago. Childhood crushes. If only they'd known. Lost for years, just to meet again. They met again and went from there. There is no sequence of events, no noticing factors of "I'm starting to fall," not indications. Just all at once it hit her in the heart. In that single second she realized she loved this man, she would marry this man. I suppose that's how love is sometimes, untraceable yet undeniable.

Happy Anniversary baby! I love you so very much. Thank you for a wonderful year! <3

15 April, 2011



These were the moments she lived for. Just the girls together, dancing, having fun. No one cares how good of a dancer she is or what she's wearing because these girls were her friends. This was where she was truly free to be herself. Dancing around, feeling the music, and living life. Just her and the girls, no one else mattered. It wasn't everything she could want, but it was enough. Enough to remind her why she kept trying. She lived for these times, this acceptance, this pure love.

14 April, 2011



This was everything to them, just this, They were wrapped up in eachothers arms. They didn't have long, only a few hours before they had to seperate again, not knowing when they'd see eachother again. They were 200 miles apart, for indefinate amounts of time. No one beileved they could make it, and sometimes they don't think they can, but it's these moments. Holding eachother, not thinking about the leaving or the distance, and they know, it's right. This is where they're both ment to be. Even if they can't be together all the time, even if its a few years down the line, they know they're supposed to be together. They won't give this up. It's these times that they realize, they have everything.

13 April, 2011

The Path.


She couldn't help but think about him when she walked on that path. The path they'd walked down together so many times. The path they'd made as children, where they'd first kissed as children then gagged and ran in opposite directions. The path where he'd scared her and she'd beat him up. The path where she'd first realized she loved him. He'd been watching the sunset, she'd been watching him. The path where he'd told her he was in love, with that other woman. The path he'd brought that woman to propose to her. The path where he'd unintentionally broken his best friends heart. The path where she'd last seen him before he left on his honeymoon. The path she walks down daily just hoping that, maybe, one day, she'll find him there, waiting for her. Waiting to tell her he was wrong, that he loves her and always has. Waiting there on that path, their path. She walks that path every day, hoping, praying, and crying, every day.

12 April, 2011

Carolina. Aphrodite. Apollo.

This is a short little thing about three of the characters in the book I'm currently writing.

Her name is Carolina, and no one understands. She's not like them, she never will be. She'll never fit in. She's lonely and taunted, day in and day out. Sad, alone, and not like them.

Her name is Aphrodite, and she wants to understand. She, too, has felt teh pain of never fitting in. She has been the outcast, and gladly would again, if only dear Carolina would just let her in.


His name is Apollo, and he doesn't care to understand. It's not his problem that she doesn't fit in. His sister's charity case is not his own. Why does she have to bring the pitiful ones home?
The pictures are ones of my own or my friend's taking. Old but I thought they fit. (Except for the picture of Apollo, see the link below the pic)
So what do y'all think?

NOTE: This is, indeed, copyrighted, as all the writings on this blog (unless otherwise credited). Stealing this is against the law and hurtful. Please dont.

(c) Raelynn Brown, 2011

11 April, 2011

Dirt and Grime : 2

I this this is what I'll start calling my personal, diary type entries. Waht do ya think?
(I haven't taken many pictures recently. The only two I have are uninteresting to say the least.)

This past weekend I went to stay on the college campus for the night and spent two days there. It was a blast! I met so many nice people! I can't wait to go and start school! I've made three friends all ready, Sarah, Ericka, and Lauren. I'm so pumped for college now. I also got my schedule. I have five classes the first semester : Intro to Sociology, FYE, European History, Geology, and Geology lab. I think it'll be fun and pretty easy to start. I took Soc. this semester here at my high school, and Wester Civ./ Euro. last semester here and then I briefly studied Geology when I was younger and thought I wanted to do that for a living. We'll see. :)

From now till school, I'm going to be slowly carrying my things from my dad's house here to my mother's near the college. This time I only took my books, the ones I haven't read yet. I don't actually have a book shelf, so I'm using the armoir and I think it looks nifty! This is no where near all of my books, just the ones that were in my room. (Note my favorite making center stage! )

Other than that I haven't really done much. I finished my research paper and am turning it in tomorrow! I went tanning today after a few errands. I'm going to try and go every day or two for just 20 or 30 minutes and slowly gain a tanned colour I like. We'll see.

It was also the debut of the Affliction swinsuit Hunter bought me earlier in the year or maybe last year! I like it more then I thought I would.

The book I'm currently reading is Little [Grrrl] Lost by Charles de Lint. I'm only one chapter (note they are long-ish chapters) in but I like it so far. It's rather interesting and cute. Not quite what I expected but it's good. :)
I hope you all are having a great week!



She grows restless as the days limp on in monotanous way. Wake, rise, work, breathe, smile, rest, sleep. Sunrise, sunset, noon, night, morning. Continual cycle dragging on a snails pace, seemingly, for eternity. 23 days and it's done. 552 hours left. 33,120 minutes until this phase in her life is over. She's scared out of her mind. The thought of that day makes her short of breath. Her heart pounds like the feet of horses. She's nautious. She's afraid to change. But she's ready for something new. She's scared of what's to come, the unknown, and she loves it.

09 April, 2011



There's something special about a parcel coming in the mail. A sudden excitement that makes your blood pump and puts a smile on even a haggard face. If you ordered it yourself there's the excitement of what you have waited for days or months to recieve. Or maybe you've forgotten you ordered it. Or maybe a darling friend has sent you a beautiful gift and you have the excitement of the mysterious parcel. I think it's something about cutting through the tape, ripping through the paper or tediously unfolding each edge, untying the ribbon or string that gets my blood pumping. My favorite parcel to recieve is a small box wrapped in newspaper or recycled papers, tied with simple twine, nested in shredded paper pieces, in a larger shipping box. I check the post office several times a week, just in case. I know they'll send a message to my home, but just in case, I check for a darling parcel, hoping for a caring word. Do not let snail mail die. I would miss it so.

08 April, 2011

It's not easy.


It's not supposed to be easy, love that is. There are supposed to be trying times to test the strength, times that make you rip your hair out and cry. Times that make you question everything. Make you hate the one you love, make you wish you could leave, make you want to leave, but the point of it all is to see if you're dedicated enough to stay. If the love is enough to make you stay. If it's not hard you'll never know. You stay because it is easy. Somewhere in the ease, you loose it, the love that is. You lose it because you've never had to fight for it. Never allowed yourself the chance to get hurt. It's not right for it to be easy. It's supposed to hurt, a special hurt only love can save. Problems make bonding, tough times make strength, love makes it worth it. You cna't skip that stage. It's just not right.

07 April, 2011

Once a Witch : A Book Review

"You're not going to do anything stupid, are you?"
"You mean intentionally?"
- Carolyn MacCullough

"Do you know what it's like to grow up knowing that you were meant to be something else, something so very different from all the ordinary filth you see in the in the streets around you?"
-Carolyn MacCullough

Above are a couple of quotes from Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough, an amazing first of, what I believe will be, a two part story. I absolutely love the characters in this novel. They're so easy to fall in love with and fear for the life of! Tamsin Greene is out heroine, an un-Talented girl in a famly of magic handlers with many Talents. Tamsin was supposed to be powerful, wonderful, a "beacon", but she has no magic in her. She feels out of place at home but find sanctuary at a boarding school in the city. That is until a man comes asking for the help of her sister, Rowena. Tamsin, playing the part of her sister to prove her worth, agrees to help this seemingly distraught professor, but the professor and the item are nothing they seem and soom Tamsin, the unmagical, un-Talented girl finds herself lost in a a quest to find some unknown object and herself. MacCullough does an amazing job bringing these characters to life. She puts a wonderful twist (or eight) into the plot. You'll never guess what happens next. This is certainly up there on my recommendations. If you like witches, mystery, adventure, sisterly love, family loyalty, and magic with a slight undertone of romance, this is the book for you.



Bring it on baby. Late nights, street lights. Sandy feet, edge of my seat. Relaxation, no frustration. Book in my hand, "I'm with the band." Sunny days, Attention strays. Summer love, fits like a glove. Bikini body, girls being naughty. Perfect days with a friend, now I've got letters to send. Out of here, out of dodge, away from sneers, in a lodge. Summer time again, bring it on my friend!

06 April, 2011

Back to the Dirt and Grime.

Oh dear where have I been?
Well, I, sadly, had to come home from my lovely break back to the dirt and grime of life. I've had to write a research paper, which I've yet to finish, and back to schooling, beginning trig, and generally being home. I'd certainly post more if I had internet at my home, but I do not. So I found a spare moment to sit down in the bookstore coffee shop here in town and just settle. I'm also taking the photos off my phone to show you all.
(Chai tea and Lemon biscotti! J'adore! <3 )

I also had Military Ball this past Saturday! It was so much fun and everyone looked so wonderful. I had a blast at my last ball. <3
(More pics to come! I PROMISE!)

I've also, as always, been reading! After finishing Ascension I started Once a Witch. Look for the review soon!

As much as it pains me to say so, I must be going now. I still have to finish my paper by Tuesday.
Look for an update this weekend! I'll have much to tell you about my college Springboard!

01 April, 2011



They never told her this was wrong, all this running and hiding, or if they did she'd never listened. She never thought staying was an option. Don't get comfortable. Don't get close. She couldn't handle being hurt. Her only friend, a worn book, saved her form the lonliness of her life. The book was about a boy, a boy she learned to know so well from page to page. The only person she was close to. Only a character in a book. Only words on a page. Now he's here and alive, this boy she'd let herself love. He's here, he's now. Running seems so wrong. Staying here, with him, is the only option. She's so lost. She's too scared to stay, he's afraid to leave.