12 April, 2011

Carolina. Aphrodite. Apollo.

This is a short little thing about three of the characters in the book I'm currently writing.

Her name is Carolina, and no one understands. She's not like them, she never will be. She'll never fit in. She's lonely and taunted, day in and day out. Sad, alone, and not like them.

Her name is Aphrodite, and she wants to understand. She, too, has felt teh pain of never fitting in. She has been the outcast, and gladly would again, if only dear Carolina would just let her in.


His name is Apollo, and he doesn't care to understand. It's not his problem that she doesn't fit in. His sister's charity case is not his own. Why does she have to bring the pitiful ones home?
The pictures are ones of my own or my friend's taking. Old but I thought they fit. (Except for the picture of Apollo, see the link below the pic)
So what do y'all think?

NOTE: This is, indeed, copyrighted, as all the writings on this blog (unless otherwise credited). Stealing this is against the law and hurtful. Please dont.

(c) Raelynn Brown, 2011

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