06 April, 2011

Back to the Dirt and Grime.

Oh dear where have I been?
Well, I, sadly, had to come home from my lovely break back to the dirt and grime of life. I've had to write a research paper, which I've yet to finish, and back to schooling, beginning trig, and generally being home. I'd certainly post more if I had internet at my home, but I do not. So I found a spare moment to sit down in the bookstore coffee shop here in town and just settle. I'm also taking the photos off my phone to show you all.
(Chai tea and Lemon biscotti! J'adore! <3 )

I also had Military Ball this past Saturday! It was so much fun and everyone looked so wonderful. I had a blast at my last ball. <3
(More pics to come! I PROMISE!)

I've also, as always, been reading! After finishing Ascension I started Once a Witch. Look for the review soon!

As much as it pains me to say so, I must be going now. I still have to finish my paper by Tuesday.
Look for an update this weekend! I'll have much to tell you about my college Springboard!

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