13 April, 2011

The Path.


She couldn't help but think about him when she walked on that path. The path they'd walked down together so many times. The path they'd made as children, where they'd first kissed as children then gagged and ran in opposite directions. The path where he'd scared her and she'd beat him up. The path where she'd first realized she loved him. He'd been watching the sunset, she'd been watching him. The path where he'd told her he was in love, with that other woman. The path he'd brought that woman to propose to her. The path where he'd unintentionally broken his best friends heart. The path where she'd last seen him before he left on his honeymoon. The path she walks down daily just hoping that, maybe, one day, she'll find him there, waiting for her. Waiting to tell her he was wrong, that he loves her and always has. Waiting there on that path, their path. She walks that path every day, hoping, praying, and crying, every day.

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