12 May, 2011

Sunshine : A Book Review

“This was on par with, say, finding out the president of the global council was a [vampire], the moon was made of green cheese, and the sun only rose in the morning because of this complicated system of levers and dials overseen by an encampment of the master race from Antares settled on Mars.” – Robin McKinley
“I was dinner, and when I was finished being dinner, I was dead. But it was like: okay, that’s the way it goes, bad luck, damn.” – Robin McKinley
“It’s pretty amazing what you can not think about.” – Robin McKinley

Robin McKinley is one of my absolute favorite authors! I've read a few of her books and this one was exquisite! Ms. McKinley weaves a fantastic and unigue vampire story in a world at war with the creatures!

Sunshine, or Rae, is just a baker. Get up at 4am, make cinnamon rolls, bake, read books about the Others, bubble bath, sleep, wake, bake. That's her life and she's ok with that. Working in the family cafe as the head, of two, bakers is the life she's settled happily into. A sweet boyfriend, kind land lady. One day, to relax, she decides to go out to the old lake house. There hadn't been trouble down there in years except for the occasional bad spot, so it should've been safe. But it wasn't . Now Sunshine is being held captive by a group of vampires with only a fellow prisoner for company. This fellow prisoner is a vampire too. And let the race begin. Sunshine must escape or die trying, but what about the poor pitiful vampire she's locked up with? Oh dear, and the plot thickens.

I highly suggest this book to EVERYONE. I got it out of the YA section, but they have it in the adult novels with a different cover. I'm not sure if they changed the story or just the cover, but I suggest either, or both. I love vampire tales, especially ones as unigue as this. Thumbs up Ms. McKinley! Keep it up!

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