27 March, 2011

Ascension: A Book Review

"Why take a vow, when all the vows are broken?" - Caris Roane

"That makes sense. I suppose it's nice to have notice before someone diappears." - Caris Roane

Above the photo are a couple of cute quotes I liked from Ascension by Caris Roane.This is the first in the Guardians of Ascension series, an adult romance series about ascended angel like vampires.
In this book, Alison Wells is just a human, but she's never been normal. Plagued with powers she doesn't understand, she's forced to hold everything back and pretend to be someone she not. But everything changes when she accidenatally meets the sexy, Guardian of Ascension Kerrick. With Kerrick's help Alison learns about her power, his world, and her possible place in it.
I really loved this book. There are so many characters and you learn to love and hate each of them in due time, especially the warriors. Each character is distinctly different from the others, but alike in the fact that they all share the burdens of life we all do. One of my favorite characters is Endelle, Her High Supremness, is quirky, rude, deamanding, but realistic. She give good comic realif in tense situations because she is in control and takes very little without a joke or snark remark.
I highly reccommend this book to anyone who likes adult romances, but remember this is an adult romance, it is definately not for anyone under 18 (perhaps 16 depending on maturity level and such.) As far as the love scenes, as I know many are wondering, they're well written. Hot, sexy, but not trashy.
If this is your kind of book, read it! It's definately worth it!

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