24 March, 2011

San Antonio

I've been in San Antonio, Texas the past few days for Spring Break. It is truly an amazing town. Above are two views from my balcony. My room is actually overlooking the river (not the Riverwalk). I'm so very happy to be in San Antonio! It's magnificent! I've walked the entire Riverwalk and much of the downtown streets. I haven't gone to the Alamo, Sea World, etc. I did that last time I was in town, so this trip I've simply strolled streets, frequented cafes, and stopped along the way to take photos or simply to rest in the gentle reflief of the shade.
Last night, I went on a Ghost Walk tour and heard some ghost stories. I wasn't overly impressed with our guide but that's simply how things go. Tonight, I'll be taking a boat tour around the Riverwalk and having dinner at an adorable British Pub called "Mad Dog Pub." I'm looking forward to it all.
Right now, I'm sitting on my darling balcony listening to Owl City and watching the people who pass below. The sky is a clear, beautiful blue with frequent, large, puffy clouds floating by. I adore San Antonio! This trip has reminded me so much of Europe that I've begun to miss it quite dearly.
I hope the beginning of spring has been wonderful for all of you in the blogsphere as well! <3

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