26 March, 2011

My Passion.

My two persistant (inanimate) passions are reading and writing. Today, I drove around for no reason, going no where, and found myself at Books-A-Million here in my mother's town. So in I went, knowing I couldn't buy anything if I intended to have gas and food for the ride home tomorrow, but I went anyway. Notebook and pen in hand I started a "Must read" list for myself. Due to my intense love of books I got a list three and a half pages long! I know where all my extra money will be going! <3
Definately be expecting review and quote posts!
To see the list CLICK HERE or go to my Listography page.


  1. i am a book addict too. i would spend every penny i got on books if i could. i always end up with a book list a mile long when i go into a book store. beautiful picture!

  2. It's good to meet someone else who adores books. Everyone in my area don't read or do so on Kindles :(
    Thank you, but it sadly isn't mine. It's from We heart it.. The link is below the photo,