28 March, 2011



I can't quite get used to being alone and ok. Before, I have strived to not be alone. To find others like me. I've changed my reading preferences, my clothes, my classes, my hair, even my speech as to not be alone, but now, I'm comfortable with me, even if I am alone. I read my books in the sunlight and dress in a style I love and take classes I enjoy and fix my hair how and if I like and speak in anyway I like. I am alone again, and comfortable, happy even. Alone. Happy. I've never likes oxymorons. One day I'll get used to this feeling. One day.


  1. I don't believe we can ever truly be happy being with someone until we're able to be happy being with ourself first. Being alone isn't as bad as some make it out to be, it helps us build character and is when we discover much about ourselves. This self-awareness is to me incredibly important if you're to build a lasting relationship.

    I don't see the words "happy" and "alone" as mutually exclusive, they can (and should be able to) co-exist together.

    I find what you've written in this post very encouraging Raelynn; many girls I know who are your age or older tell me they long to feel this way. Peace of mind, it seems, is ever elusive. You seem to have found this and it makes me smile.

    Nice post, beautiful blog.

  2. Aww thank you so very much. You are so kind. :)