24 March, 2011

Once upon a day...

Once upon a day about 18 years ago, a girl was born. She was not exceptional and only special in the way every new born child is, but this baby girl would grow up to be nothing resembling normal.
This girl, at 18 years of age, dances in the rain, sings for no reason, and is determined to see the magic in the world. Obsessed with books, this young girl can often be caught reading or writing outside in the warm sun. She is often spotted in frilly dresses, but also in jeans, and shorts, and sweatpants, and skirts. She refuses to accept what others say she is and desires only to be and stay true to who she is. She found a lovely Prince about a year ago to love her and all of her oddities. She has one sister she would die for and several children (none her own) in her life.
This young princess is known by many names, but you may know her best as Raelynn. This is her life and thoughts and dreams and tales and wisdom and beliefs and theories all in a single blog. This will be consistantly inconsistant and perfectly contradicting as is true of the princess herself.

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