18 June, 2011

Princess Academy : A Book Review

"No wolf falters before the bite
So strike."
       --Shannon Hale

"Look no farther than your hand
Make a choice and take a stand."
       --Shannon Hale

This is a sweet book about a young girl faced with a new environment bent on changing her. It's a good book, but not really exciting. There are a few scenes when you worry for the girls' safety, but mostly it's about the girls at school. I personally was able to put it down and walk away no problem. I certainly didn't  want to abandon it, but I wasn't dying to see how it would end either.

Miri is a young girl who doesn't feel she quite fits in her mountain village home. Down in the Lowlands is a prince ready to marry, and the Priests will declare where she is to come from. The entire kingdom, and the province itself, we're surprised to hear Mount Eskel would produce the next princess. With this announcement, an academy is set up, per the King's orders, and all girls age 8-16 are forced to attend. Learning to read, write, curtsy, and survive. When trouble comes to Mount Eskel's academy, only Miri, the outcast, can save them all.

Shannon Hale has won a Newbery Honor award for this novel. It's a good relaxed reading. I suggest it if you like strange but not overly active or exciting novel. I think it's a good summer read for under a tree.

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