31 March, 2011



There are so many places I want to be. Bejing, Scoul, Metternich, Flanders, London, Cairo, but none as much as Paris. Not specifically the city itself, but within a short distance. The outskirts of the marvelous city. I adored my time spent in Paris. I but want to return, with the love of my life. This time I will go in style. I will wear pearls and fine dresses. I will not be a tourist, I will be at home. My country, my language, my Paris.
J'adore Paris. Je veux aller à mon domicile.

30 March, 2011



Stars wink at me from the heavens. So far away, so safe, so peaceful. Winking gently they seem to smile. It's as if they're trying to say, "Hold on tight, this is the night. I see it in your eyes. Now it's your time to shine." Winking again they go silent. Silently they sparkle. Across the millions of lightyears I feel their warmth in my heart, and I know, it'll be alright. My star is out there somewhere. She has faith in me.

We all have stars, but only the remarkable have constelations

I will have a constelation. I will be remarkable, remembered.

29 March, 2011



She's ready to go. Just biding her time. Only a couple of months left in this place, in this hell. Soon she'll be out. Away from this dead end town. Away from the judging eyes and pathetic lies. She'll be free. She'll still be in the country. She's not moving far, but it's enough. She's escaping to a world where no one knows her. She can reinvent herself as someone even she can love without the hindrence of her past. She's been waiting all her life for this to come. Two more months. Just hold on.

28 March, 2011



I can't quite get used to being alone and ok. Before, I have strived to not be alone. To find others like me. I've changed my reading preferences, my clothes, my classes, my hair, even my speech as to not be alone, but now, I'm comfortable with me, even if I am alone. I read my books in the sunlight and dress in a style I love and take classes I enjoy and fix my hair how and if I like and speak in anyway I like. I am alone again, and comfortable, happy even. Alone. Happy. I've never likes oxymorons. One day I'll get used to this feeling. One day.

27 March, 2011

Ascension: A Book Review

"Why take a vow, when all the vows are broken?" - Caris Roane

"That makes sense. I suppose it's nice to have notice before someone diappears." - Caris Roane

Above the photo are a couple of cute quotes I liked from Ascension by Caris Roane.This is the first in the Guardians of Ascension series, an adult romance series about ascended angel like vampires.
In this book, Alison Wells is just a human, but she's never been normal. Plagued with powers she doesn't understand, she's forced to hold everything back and pretend to be someone she not. But everything changes when she accidenatally meets the sexy, Guardian of Ascension Kerrick. With Kerrick's help Alison learns about her power, his world, and her possible place in it.
I really loved this book. There are so many characters and you learn to love and hate each of them in due time, especially the warriors. Each character is distinctly different from the others, but alike in the fact that they all share the burdens of life we all do. One of my favorite characters is Endelle, Her High Supremness, is quirky, rude, deamanding, but realistic. She give good comic realif in tense situations because she is in control and takes very little without a joke or snark remark.
I highly reccommend this book to anyone who likes adult romances, but remember this is an adult romance, it is definately not for anyone under 18 (perhaps 16 depending on maturity level and such.) As far as the love scenes, as I know many are wondering, they're well written. Hot, sexy, but not trashy.
If this is your kind of book, read it! It's definately worth it!

I miss it.


Do you remember back then? When we were so young, and naive and sweet. When we'd believe anything could happen? When anything could happen? Before we were broken. Before we knew true hurt, the emotional kind. I remember it. I miss it. I miss being ok. I miss seeing nothing but magic. I miss the innocence. I miss when love was simple. I miss it. I miss it all.

26 March, 2011


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I feel so lost. So broken. So sad. I feel as if there is a rift growing between us. Like we're being pulled in seperate directions. I feel my gypsy's heart aching and crying for a change of pace, a new scene, undeniable love. I feel the rest of my soul aching and breaking to be with you, despite the doubt I house deep within. My gypsy heart frets and panics that it is stuck here, in a rut, in one place, for the rest of always. My soul cries out in pain at the very thought of leaving. I feel the lump in my throat, even now, as I think about it. Tears sting my eyes. I imagine my life without you. My soul is burning in eternal torment for it cannot imagine a single day without you, or remember happiness before you. My gypsy's heart gleams at the idea of something new and interesting and different. But it's not only my heart and soul that battle, it's my jealousy as well. I'm jealous of those who spend time with you, especially her. How I hate her. I'm also, as much as it pains me to say, jealous of you. You and your multitudes of friends. You and your open, loving personality. You and the fact that you're so personable. That people gravitate to you, trust you, love you. I love you because you aren't me, and I hate you because I am not you. But they say, "you can only hate those you once loved or still do." This is, of course, the latter. I love you dearly and hate you for everything I'm not. I can't stand to think of us growing apart, of losing this love. The tears burst from my eyes now, there is no holding them in.

I am afraid.

Afraid of losing you. Afraid of being broken. Afraid of missing out on chances because I'm too tangled up in wishing to be there. Afraid of missing you. Afraid of never being happy. Afraid of the future. Afraid of the distance. Afraid. I am so afraid.

I am lost.

Lost in the present. in the past, in the future. in life.

I don't know what to do.

I don't know how to fix this. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I can handle this all. If I am strong enough. I am weak, like slate, a stone, which appears as any stone, hard and strong and unbreakable, but instead is fragile and brittle and broken with the smallest stress.

Help me.

I can't lose you.

I need you.

I need change.

I need you.

P.S. Forgive me.forgive me for everything I'm not and everything I can'y be. Forgive me. Godm please forgive me.

Wild Child: A Film Review

Tonight, I watched this movie for the second time. It's so very amusing! I highly reccomend it! :)

In Wild Child, Emma Roberts stars as Poppy Moore, a Malibu Beauty sent to a boarding school on the english countryside. She does absolutely everything to stand out and retain her indivifuality.

With the help of her misfit roommates, Poppy learns to maintain her individuality but without making people hate her.

This movie is so darling. I absolutely love it!

My Passion.

My two persistant (inanimate) passions are reading and writing. Today, I drove around for no reason, going no where, and found myself at Books-A-Million here in my mother's town. So in I went, knowing I couldn't buy anything if I intended to have gas and food for the ride home tomorrow, but I went anyway. Notebook and pen in hand I started a "Must read" list for myself. Due to my intense love of books I got a list three and a half pages long! I know where all my extra money will be going! <3
Definately be expecting review and quote posts!
To see the list CLICK HERE or go to my Listography page.



This isn't usually her style. It's not how she is. She's usually so prim, so propper, so modest, so well behaved, so... perfect. But right now, she's misbehaving. She's late for her appointment. She's not even dressed in decent clothing yet. Her room is a mess and she knows she's let them down. She dreaming a fantasy instead of focusing on reality. She's nothing she's ever been before, nothing they want her to be, but right now, living for herself, she couldn't feel more perfect.

25 March, 2011



She never quite felt at home like she did that day. Nestled in the dew coated grass, feeling the slight warms of the first morning sun. No one knew where she was. She wasn't even sure where she was. All she knew was that she was home. She'd escaped it all, the fighting, the tears, the expectations, the stress. She'd come home.

24 March, 2011

San Antonio

I've been in San Antonio, Texas the past few days for Spring Break. It is truly an amazing town. Above are two views from my balcony. My room is actually overlooking the river (not the Riverwalk). I'm so very happy to be in San Antonio! It's magnificent! I've walked the entire Riverwalk and much of the downtown streets. I haven't gone to the Alamo, Sea World, etc. I did that last time I was in town, so this trip I've simply strolled streets, frequented cafes, and stopped along the way to take photos or simply to rest in the gentle reflief of the shade.
Last night, I went on a Ghost Walk tour and heard some ghost stories. I wasn't overly impressed with our guide but that's simply how things go. Tonight, I'll be taking a boat tour around the Riverwalk and having dinner at an adorable British Pub called "Mad Dog Pub." I'm looking forward to it all.
Right now, I'm sitting on my darling balcony listening to Owl City and watching the people who pass below. The sky is a clear, beautiful blue with frequent, large, puffy clouds floating by. I adore San Antonio! This trip has reminded me so much of Europe that I've begun to miss it quite dearly.
I hope the beginning of spring has been wonderful for all of you in the blogsphere as well! <3

Once upon a day...

Once upon a day about 18 years ago, a girl was born. She was not exceptional and only special in the way every new born child is, but this baby girl would grow up to be nothing resembling normal.
This girl, at 18 years of age, dances in the rain, sings for no reason, and is determined to see the magic in the world. Obsessed with books, this young girl can often be caught reading or writing outside in the warm sun. She is often spotted in frilly dresses, but also in jeans, and shorts, and sweatpants, and skirts. She refuses to accept what others say she is and desires only to be and stay true to who she is. She found a lovely Prince about a year ago to love her and all of her oddities. She has one sister she would die for and several children (none her own) in her life.
This young princess is known by many names, but you may know her best as Raelynn. This is her life and thoughts and dreams and tales and wisdom and beliefs and theories all in a single blog. This will be consistantly inconsistant and perfectly contradicting as is true of the princess herself.

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