09 April, 2011



There's something special about a parcel coming in the mail. A sudden excitement that makes your blood pump and puts a smile on even a haggard face. If you ordered it yourself there's the excitement of what you have waited for days or months to recieve. Or maybe you've forgotten you ordered it. Or maybe a darling friend has sent you a beautiful gift and you have the excitement of the mysterious parcel. I think it's something about cutting through the tape, ripping through the paper or tediously unfolding each edge, untying the ribbon or string that gets my blood pumping. My favorite parcel to recieve is a small box wrapped in newspaper or recycled papers, tied with simple twine, nested in shredded paper pieces, in a larger shipping box. I check the post office several times a week, just in case. I know they'll send a message to my home, but just in case, I check for a darling parcel, hoping for a caring word. Do not let snail mail die. I would miss it so.

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