11 April, 2011

Dirt and Grime : 2

I this this is what I'll start calling my personal, diary type entries. Waht do ya think?
(I haven't taken many pictures recently. The only two I have are uninteresting to say the least.)

This past weekend I went to stay on the college campus for the night and spent two days there. It was a blast! I met so many nice people! I can't wait to go and start school! I've made three friends all ready, Sarah, Ericka, and Lauren. I'm so pumped for college now. I also got my schedule. I have five classes the first semester : Intro to Sociology, FYE, European History, Geology, and Geology lab. I think it'll be fun and pretty easy to start. I took Soc. this semester here at my high school, and Wester Civ./ Euro. last semester here and then I briefly studied Geology when I was younger and thought I wanted to do that for a living. We'll see. :)

From now till school, I'm going to be slowly carrying my things from my dad's house here to my mother's near the college. This time I only took my books, the ones I haven't read yet. I don't actually have a book shelf, so I'm using the armoir and I think it looks nifty! This is no where near all of my books, just the ones that were in my room. (Note my favorite making center stage! )

Other than that I haven't really done much. I finished my research paper and am turning it in tomorrow! I went tanning today after a few errands. I'm going to try and go every day or two for just 20 or 30 minutes and slowly gain a tanned colour I like. We'll see.

It was also the debut of the Affliction swinsuit Hunter bought me earlier in the year or maybe last year! I like it more then I thought I would.

The book I'm currently reading is Little [Grrrl] Lost by Charles de Lint. I'm only one chapter (note they are long-ish chapters) in but I like it so far. It's rather interesting and cute. Not quite what I expected but it's good. :)
I hope you all are having a great week!

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