08 April, 2011

It's not easy.


It's not supposed to be easy, love that is. There are supposed to be trying times to test the strength, times that make you rip your hair out and cry. Times that make you question everything. Make you hate the one you love, make you wish you could leave, make you want to leave, but the point of it all is to see if you're dedicated enough to stay. If the love is enough to make you stay. If it's not hard you'll never know. You stay because it is easy. Somewhere in the ease, you loose it, the love that is. You lose it because you've never had to fight for it. Never allowed yourself the chance to get hurt. It's not right for it to be easy. It's supposed to hurt, a special hurt only love can save. Problems make bonding, tough times make strength, love makes it worth it. You cna't skip that stage. It's just not right.

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